Archive | August, 2012

Quick spreadsheet of your equipment – CSV OUPUT

27 Aug

Linxworks MANAGER allows users to create a quick CSV file (similar to an Excel spreadsheet) of their Manager search results. You can EDIT your inventory, check on the “Select info to be displayed in list” boxes you want to display and then click VIEW INVENTORY. Using the CSV OUTPUT link in the top left hand corner of your results, they can then be easily exported as a comma-separated values (CSV) file. Works with the QUOTE tool, as well. These are permission driven tools that can be granted to users by their MANAGER Administrator or CONTACT US for more information from Linxworks’ Support.


POP UP BLOCKERS stopping you from adding photos or creating a Quote?

27 Aug

Some pop ups are good and some are downright irritating. Adjusting the Pop Up Blocker SETTINGS in your browser allows you to control most pop ups. This also applies to tool bar Add Ons like Yahoo, MSN, Google, etc. that have their own Pop Up Blocker settings. Make sure * is added to the ‘Allowed Sites’. The asterisk ‘*’ acts like a wildcard and allows any page from the site that follows to be included. For more information Contact Us at Linxworks’ Support.