Photo Upload and Internet Explorer 10

22 Aug

If you are having issues with the photo upload facility and Internet Explorer 10, make sure the “Compatibility View Settings” in your browser under Tools has the website added to the Compatibility View.

Remember is one of the largest online marketplaces for buying and selling used heavy equipment. Our marketplace is where you can buy and sell the best quality merchandise manufactured by the biggest names in the heavy equipment industry. We have created one of the most versatile and flexible purchase / acquisition platforms to facilitate your search for earthmoving equipment, Caterpillar construction equipment and more. When you list your equipment on UsedIron, you will be getting some of the best possible value available anywhere online.

For more information Contact Us at Linxworks’ Support.


Troubleshooting 101 – the Refresh

16 Jan

When surfing Manager, UsedIron or any other web sites you visit often, your browser stores the web page in a cache so that it does not have to be downloaded every time you visit the site, making your browsing faster (this includes photos, graphics, pages you viewed, etc.)  If these pages don’t resolve / display the way your think they should…or they are just plain slow as molasses, try the following:

  • REFRESH – allows you to reload a web page where the content may have changed over time.  Click the button with the two green arrows at the end of the Address bar (usually at the top of the browser) or hit the function key F5.
  • HARD REFRESH – will bypass any cached files and display the web page as it currently appears on the site’s server. This can also be useful to clear forms and ensure that you are viewing the page as it currently appears on the site’s server. This would be common with websites that are constantly being updated (non-static sites.) The control key is held down while clicking on the refresh button or pressing F5 (CTRL F5.)

This works with most browsers like Internet Explorer or FireFox. For information on this and MANAGER tools, CONTACT US.

Upload you equipment listings automatically to MANAGER

9 Nov

Why re-enter the same equipment info over and over again? Data from your business system, a spreadsheet or even heavy equipment websites can be uploaded to MANAGER either nightly or as a one time bulk upload. Details, features, conditions, availability and even photos can be automated. Less errors and more time to sell iron. For information on this and other MANAGER tools, CONTACT US.

Copy your MANAGER listings to craigslist and ebay classifieds

17 Oct

Linxworks MANAGER gives you the tools to “copy and paste” from each listing into an ebay classified (non auction), craigslist or   Kijiji classified account.

On the Syndication tab, click SUBMIT to get a “copy” (or snapshot) of your listing, including photos.  Each corresponding SUBMIT button will format the “copy and paste” to that site.

If you sell the unit or changes are required in Linxworks MANAGER, make sure to update the classified sites too.

For more information on this and other MANAGER tools, CONTACT US.

Quick spreadsheet of your equipment – CSV OUPUT

27 Aug

Linxworks MANAGER allows users to create a quick CSV file (similar to an Excel spreadsheet) of their Manager search results. You can EDIT your inventory, check on the “Select info to be displayed in list” boxes you want to display and then click VIEW INVENTORY. Using the CSV OUTPUT link in the top left hand corner of your results, they can then be easily exported as a comma-separated values (CSV) file. Works with the QUOTE tool, as well. These are permission driven tools that can be granted to users by their MANAGER Administrator or CONTACT US for more information from Linxworks’ Support.

POP UP BLOCKERS stopping you from adding photos or creating a Quote?

27 Aug

Some pop ups are good and some are downright irritating. Adjusting the Pop Up Blocker SETTINGS in your browser allows you to control most pop ups. This also applies to tool bar Add Ons like Yahoo, MSN, Google, etc. that have their own Pop Up Blocker settings. Make sure * is added to the ‘Allowed Sites’. The asterisk ‘*’ acts like a wildcard and allows any page from the site that follows to be included. For more information Contact Us at Linxworks’ Support.

Training available on Linxworks’ MANAGER tools

11 Jul

Need a little extra help or have any questions on the MANAGER tools? Contact Support and we will be more than happy to give you training. Contact for more information.

Linxworks Solutions Acquires Point 2 Heavy Equipment Software Division from Yardi

8 May

On May 1, 2012, Linxworks Solutions, LLC announced its acquisition of the Point2 Heavy Equipment inventory management and online marketing business assets, including the Point2 Manager Web application, and the online marketplace. Linxworks is focused on integrating software development, business process efficiency, marketing and IT infrastructure solutions to simplify the customer experience and increase sales revenue for our clients.

“Linxworks is a company with deep information technology expertise, great talent and innovative ideas. This will ensure that our long-time Point2 Heavy Equipment solutions customers will continue to lead the industry and remain on the cutting edge,” said Saul Klein, senior vice president, Point2, Yardi Systems Inc. “The strategic fit for our heavy equipment business and Linxworks was perfect and sets our customers to benefit greatly.”

“Acquiring the Point2 heavy equipment business presents a significant opportunity for our company and to existing Point2 customers,” said Linxworks owner, Nik Jerath. “We look forward to implementing many exciting ideas to support and grow our customers’ businesses.”

Linxworks’ acquisition of the Point2 Heavy Equipment business and technology assets is beneficial to all of our stakeholders, as it allows Linxworks to build upon an extremely powerful set of tools, with new ideas that will help to shape the future of the heavy machinery industry. We plan to nurture and build the software to further increase functionality, effectiveness and efficiency for all our users.

Amongst many planned innovations, the acquisition will bring about a number of key enhancements set to take place in the near term and over the coming year, including:

•             Mobility – An upcoming implementation will enable users to access their Manager system through state of the art mobile applications, on all key platforms.

•             Manager Website Upgrade – A whole new look, increased efficiency and functionality.

•             Enhanced Tools – A new, inspector-friendly inspection process.

Linxworks is committed to ensuring a virtually seamless transition for our customers.  In order to achieve this objective, Linxworks has, as part of its plan, retained the services of long time Point2 heavy equipment business professionals Eve Marshall and Mark Fuller. Both key associates will join the Linxworks Solutions family as part of the acquisition, and will maintain their current roles and responsibilities as part of the organization. In addition, Nisha Jerath will be working with Eve and Mark, serving as chief operating officer of Linxworks Solutions.